Friday, March 31, 2006

Picture Meme

The google meme seen elsewhere. The idea is to go to google image search and paste the picture that pops up first for each of the questions. Fun!

1. City and state I grew up in: (changed to born in since I grew up all over)

2. City where I currently reside:

3. My first and last name:

4. My grandmother's name:

5. My favorite food:
6. My favorite drink:

7. My favorite smell:

Monday, March 27, 2006


Since moving into this house, I have planned to have an herb garden in this corner of our yard. The first Easter we spent here (3 Easters ago!) my parents made it possible for us to get the pond you see in the corner (hidden by the umbrella in the first picture.) Finally, by this Easter, my little garden will be complete!!

This picture shows how it looked this morning. Bo had built a small retaining wall in front of the pond yesterday - and used the umbrella you see to hold off the sun.
This morning, he went and got the first (of 2) truckload of dirt (about a yard) to backfill the pond area, and add some dirt to the entire garden. You can see our helpers were all about directing at this point.

The rocks used to be arranged as borders, but time and kids and other uses had moved them all around. The four of us worked to create a border again. It's taking shape!
The plants are arranged, but not yet planted. These are the plants we got at the DBG Garden Sale a week or so ago. There are flowers in the back, and flowering ground cover plants down the sides. We sunk the clay pots into the ground and I will fill them with herbs (mint, lavendar, oregano, basil, sage are planned right now).
Here's all we accomplished today! It took 2 loads of dirt (Bo also filled in the long box along the wall for vegetables - don't have a pic right now of that). I still need to get the herbs for the pots. Bo plans to fill the center with some of the flagstone delivered a couple weeks ago. The pond also needs to be hooked up. It looks a bit sparse right now, but the ground cover plants are fast-growing so that should be taken care before we know it. I am so excited this project is almost complete!

Feta the fish, revisited

Today we finally buried Feta in the backyard. Colin chose this angel to sit on top of her, and we buried her near the pond. She had been sitting in our freezer in a box ever since her demise. We're all happy that she has a better resting spot now.

Colin insisted on shoveling the dirt himself.

Saying a prayer for Feta.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

garden gloves

The boys picked out gardening gloves on our errand run yesterday. As you can see, Nate was very pleased with his choice.


Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day

DBG Plant Sale

Nate LOVES broccoli and was thrilled a farmer was there selling some!

"Must you ALWAYS be taking pictures???"

There are 2 more plants on the bottom - we got a very nice selection of desert-friendly plants to add to our landscape!

lego cities

Nate's City

Colin's City

Thursday, March 16, 2006


bricks and flagstone

This is a full pallet of bricks and TWO TONS of flagstone. We could only have the flagstone delivered if we purchased a full pallet. So, we have 2 tons of it! At least we have a large yard and plenty of places to put it.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

abstract Nate

I got a new camera . . . and I'm playing ;)

riding out front

AZ Museum of Youth, 3/14/06

We took a trip to the AZ Museum of Youth today with my friend Denise.
Nate takes a good look at a sculpture.
And models a parka
Colin still loves the slide.
Colin created this felt art piece.
And Nate created his own.
Apparently, the puppet show needed to get closer to the audience.
But, the drumming was a hit!