Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Almost Full

The pool filled steadily all day long. We took another dip in it during the late afternoon.

As with anything new, Julianna expressed her concern about the boys being in the pool. She just got over barking like mad when they swing, but now she has a new thing to worry about.

The pool is ALMOST finished - there are a couple more finishing items that have to happen, but we are able to swim! Hopefully, the weather will cooperate.

Filling the Pool

Tuesday morning, they came back to acid wash the pebbletec, then we were able to start filling the pool!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Pool Progess, Pebbletec

On Monday, they showed up bright & early to spread the pebbletec on the pool.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Plants!! And Real Pool Progress

Right on schedule, Moon Valley delivered our truckload of trees and bushes today. The boys had a great time watching them unload the truck and plant. The crew did a wonderful job -- very fast and efficient. I don't think the pictures do it justice -- it looks very nice out there! I am definitely happy with our experience with Moon Valley Nurseries.

The clean-up crew from the pool company also showed up this morning, and finished the clean-up. And, the pop-up guy came to install the pop-ups, which means we are ready for the interior of the pool. HOPEFULLY, they'll show up on Monday.

Spa / Pool Progress

The spa company came on Monday to do the tile work and stucco around our spa. They've been a great company to work with! Anybody in the valley looking for a spa - I highly recommend Diamondback Spas.

On Wednesday, they came to put the cool-deck coating on the patio areas of the pool. A clean-up crew showed up on Tuesday, but they only completed about 1/2 the clean-up required. We're still waiting for them to return. The pool interior cannot be completed until the clean up crew does their thing - so I hope they show up today! If they get on the ball, we might be swimming next weekend.

Today our plants are scheduled to arrive! All those orange flags will turn into trees and bushes.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

T Ball Shots

A proud Daddy & his boys having fun.
Giving the ball a good whack!
Running to first!
Nate winding up to hit.
Colin hits again.
Nate watching the ball.

The boys have loved playing t-ball this fall. This is Colin's 2nd year, and Nate's first. Both boys are on the same team, which makes things easier. The games are pretty amusing to watch, as about 8 parents and coaches try to coax the 10-12 players into the right spots throughout the game. They play 2x a week for about 6 weeks.

Next fall, Colin will move to the coach-pitch league, and Nate can play t-ball another year.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Southwest Museum, last Friday

Um, yea, please don't bother him while he's trying to read or you'll get "the look."

The boys love this outdoor area where they can sift for gold flakes.

This is a meteroite that was found near Tucson in the 1800's and was used as an anvil by a blacksmith for many years.

This is a drusy chyrsocolla boulder. The word drusy refers to the white, sparkly areas and the word chryscolla is the blue-green mineral. The sign does say "Please Touch", just in case you were wondering ;)

The boys brought their nature journals - which makes sense since it IS a natural history museum.
Nate's recognizing more letters!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my Dad's birthday! Happy Birthday, DAD!

We wish you were closer so we could celebrate together, but I'm sure Mom is taking care of you today!

This picture is from our trip to visit in May. The boys still talk about the fires in Grandma & Grandpa's backyard!

(I tried to post this Friday, but I was foiled by the internet . . . or blogger . . . or something!)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Spa is Here!

The spa was installed yesterday! They will come back in a few days to tile the exterior, but they installed it and filled it with water yesterday. When it was full, the temperature was 88 degrees (just from the hose). We all tried it out a few different times yesterday and enjoyed all the jets and just sitting in the water. It's not as big as a pool . . . but it was nice & refreshing!

This morning the boys & I got in, and the temp was 95. I'm guessing we won't have to turn on the heater for a few months yet.

No progress on the pool. We're waiting for clean-up, cool-decking, and the interior of the pool to be done (2 steps). We had another big storm this morning, which I'm sure put them further behind again.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Commemorative Air Force Museum (Mesa AZ)

This machine was used to make dog tags during WWII.

Bo had a free day today so we visited the Commemorative Air Force Museum. We all had fun looking at, and learning about, the WW2 planes they have stored there. The boys especially loved the pedal airplane they were able to drive around the hangar.

When we got home - they built their own airport:

New Shoes

Nate couldn't fit into his sneakers anymore for t-ball, so we went out for some new sneakers on Wednesday. He tried on about 10 pairs, but as soon as he saw these shiny silver and orange and black ones - he was set. Thankfully, they came in his size. He wanted everyone to see the bottoms, too - and a look at how fast he can run in them :)

(edited to add:) It's not so unusual that we wouldn't know he outgrew sneakers until they were absolutely needed, as this child's preferred footwear are flip-flops, followed by sandals. If he can avoid stuffing his feet into closed shoes, he does. Thank goodnes we live in AZ.

Week Apart, Pool Decking

These 2 pictures were almost a week apart -- they created the forms last Friday, and poured the cement yesterday. The cement has to cure a few days before the cool-decking can be applied. Bo just told me that they're going to try and do the interior of our pool first, though, so we can swim sooner.

Our hot tub/spa will be delivered on Wednesday. We purchased a floor model in late June, and when I went to set up delivery last week, we found out they sold it. All worked out fine, though, as they are building a brand new one for us for the same price.

Maybe I'll get to swim before my birthday?