Monday, August 27, 2007

Lydia's Baptism

Us with Lydia's godparents -- our good friends Denise (from Phoenix) and Kraig (from Milwaukee)
Sleeping peacefully after the ceremony

Lydia was baptized into the Catholic Church yesterday at our parish, St. George's in Apache Junction. It was a beautiful ceremony and we were blessed that many of our friends could join us in celebration. Lydia was an angel during the ceremony, only fussing when it was all over - and then promptly falling asleep for the next hour or so.

Many thanks to my sister who pitched in all weekend to help me get ready for this day! Thanks to Lydia's godmother who traveled across town to go shopping with me and help out, and to Lydia's godfather & wife who traveled across the country to be with us this weekend. We are truly grateful that our lives are full of wonderful friends and family!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

She smiles!

Well, she's been smiling for a while actually, but I hadn't gotten any pictures of it until this past week. Such a cutie!

On a side note, she learned to roll this week from back to front. Every little milestone is fun to watch!


The day after my parent's 40th anniversary party, they hosted another party at their home for all the family that came to town. It was another fun time, and we're so glad they did it!

My brother, Matt, his wife, Kelly and their niece, Lydia

Lindsay, Riley, Alanna, Drew, me, Lydia, Bo, Nate & Colin
(Drew is my cousin, Lindsay his wife, and their daughters)

My cousin Allison and me

My Aunt Mary and Lydia

My great-uncle Frank, cousin Allison and her youngest, Cassidy

My dad & Colin

me, my cousin Drew and his youngest, Riley

My mom, Lydia and my sister, Jane

Nate, making sure nobody bothers him while he eats his bread and pesto.

The oldest & youngest of the family -- my great-Uncle Frank and Lydia

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Parent's 40th Anniversary Bash

Our main reason for traveling to Wisconsin was to celebrate my parent's 40th wedding anniversary. They hit the milestone in June, but waited until August when my brother was back from the Middle East to host a big party. It was especially wonderful because many family and friends traveled from all over the country to join in the celebration. People traveled from NY, NJ, FL, NV, AZ, CA and WA. (Did I remember all the states?) It was a delightful party and fantastic to see so many people. I know that everyone loved the opportunity to get together.

They tried to get a portrait of all the family that made it to Wisconsin. This shot doesn't show everyone, but I loved how everyone was primping and laughing and talking.

My parents, their children, spouses and grandchildren.

My dad's siblings, nieces and nephews

Another candid shot I loved. My dad, his cousin John, my Aunts Peggy & Mary, my Uncle Paul

Colin, TJ and Alanna

Brittany (granddaughter of John & Sharon - my dad's cousin)

Beth & TJ, sharing a mom/son moment

My mom with her cousins Donald & Brian, her uncle Frank and Brian's son Jason

My sister, Jane and her niece, Lydia


2nd generation of cousins --
Nate, Lydia, Colin, Riley, TJ and Alanna
(my kids, my cousin Beth's son, and my cousin Drew's daughters)