Wednesday, April 18, 2007

36 weeks today

Thought for a while we'd be introducing our new babe today -- but it turned out to be a false alarm. Instead, here's a shot of my 36 week belly.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Rest in Peace, Julianna

Our beloved dog, Julianna, succumbed to cancer this afternoon. Her illness and demise were sudden and unexpected. As you can imagine, we are all saddened. Nate is taking it especially hard.

We got her as a puppy in 1997 and she was such a good dog throughout her life. She loved the boys and always watched out for them. She will be sorely missed in our family.

County Fair 2007

We enjoyed perfect weather yesterday at the Maricopa County Fair. The boys had fun riding elephants and ponies, climbing rock walls, visiting a bunch of different animals and looking at exhibits.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Colin's first lost tooth

Colin lost his first tooth last night (4/14/07.) It's been loose for a couple weeks, and he was very surprised when it popped out. The tooth next to that one is also loose, and we expect that to fall out soon.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter Morning 2007

The Easter Bunny always hides baskets full of goodies in the house, and also hides filled plastic eggs in our backyard. Usually the Easter Bunny lets us know how many eggs were hidden, but this year eggs were found on Monday as well as Easter Sunday. Good thing he left change in the eggs this year and no candy!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

2007 AJ Easter Egg Hunt

Today was Apache Junction's annual Easter egg hunt. Even though there were fewer tables this year, the boys still had a great time. They played in a bounce house, played a few carnival-type games, visited a small petting zoo, found a ladybug -- and most importantly partcipated in the hunt! Both boys found more eggs this year than in years past and were thrilled with their haul. Colin even got a special token egg which won him a chocolate bunny prize.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Mother's Blessing, Part 1 of 5

My dear friend, Denise, offered to throw me a baby shower for this new babe. I asked if she would consider throwing me a mother's blessing and she eagerly accepted the challenge -- doing a ton of research and looking for unique ideas to make the day even more special.

She also graciously agreed to have the party in Mesa and transported everything necessary from her house in Phoenix. At the very last moment, she also completely changed her planned menu to fit into my recently diagnosed gestational diabetes meal plan!

She, her wonderful husband and adorable son came early to set everything up. Then her hubby took off for the afternoon with their boy.

This is Denise and me before the blessing.

A beautiful deli platter, fresh fruit, fresh veggies and fresh rolls made up our yummy lunch.

Yummy pink homemade cupcakes finished out the meal (Well, I'm taking everyone else's word on the yumminess, although I'm sure they were! Unfortunately, I couldn't indulge.)

This is the blessing table she set up for the activities during the blessing. We had a candle lighting ceremony and a planting ceremony as well as a few others during the afternoon.

Mother's Blessing, Part 2

The afternoon was filled with family and friends who live close by . . .

Sheryl, Denise C, and Traci

Jane and me

me and Traci

Mother's Blessing, Part 3

And I was showered with blessings from family and friends throughout the country as well! Invitations were sent out requesting beads representing the mothers and children of those close to me and Denise was deluged with responses. I was extremely touched by the thought and care that everyone put into this effort and moved by the wonderful sentiments that came with the beads. Here you can see the end result of all those beads! Jane is going to help me finish it and we plan to use it as a suncatcher. I will save it as a wonderful keepsake for the new babe of all the love and support that I was given during my pregnancy with her.

After stringing the beads brought locally, Denise read the meanings of the beads from the out-of-towners while I continued to string the beads. It was a very powerful and supportive thing to do.

Mother's Blessing, Part 4

While presence and support were all that were asked for, many sent adorable gifts as well. I don't have pictures of everything, but everything was precious ;)

Mother's Blessing, Part 5

For the candle lighting ceremony, Denise filled the bottom of tealight holders with sand brought from the Pacific Ocean last time she visited. Everyone received a candle, and we went around the circle lighting them. As each candle was lit, each person shared a blessing or a poem for the new baby. Everyone took them home, and will light the candle as a prayer when the baby is born.
I wrote down some hopes and dreams I have for the baby on paper, and we buried them in pots and planted lavendar seeds. The plants will grow in support of the baby's growth.

Yarn was passed around the circle, and everyone wrapped some around their wrists. As each person wrapped the yarn, they gave a blessing or a prayer unto me, or shared a story about motherhood. After the circle was completed, the threads were cut between us all and everyone will keep the bracelet on until the baby is born. When they look at the bracelet (or anklet), they'll remember to say a prayer for my family.

The prayers and blessings that were sent from out of town were also shared at this time.

It was an unbelievable experience, and exactly what I needed as I look forward to baby girl's birth. Thanks to all who took the time to participate and join in the festivities -- even from afar. Special thanks to Denise for creating an unforgettable event. I am extremely blessed in family and friends and can't wait to introduce you all to the newest Rogers' babe.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

33 weeks, 4 days

I had an amazing mother's blessing this afternoon, but I want to write a few things about it and am too tired to do so tonight. Instead, here's a belly shot taken at the end of the day. Check back soon for pictures from the blessing.