Sunday, July 05, 2009

The water was 94 degrees today!

Haircuts (and Lydia)

Bo cuts his hair with clippers in the backyard, and has done so for years. I come along and clean up the edges.

We have always taken the boys to barbers . . . but this morning when Bo cut his hair he asked (for the millionth time) if he could buzz the boys' hair. Nate agreed, and has a nice, short haircut now. He was a good sport, and was happy with the results.

Colin . . . . well . . . take a look at Colin's face. He wasn't so sure. He got pushed a bit into it because he needed a haircut and it's summer and I wanted to save the $15. The results are cute, though, and he was smiling again shortly.

And, finally, we didn't cut Lydia's hair -- but I couldn't resist adding these shots I took of her in between hair cut shots.