Tuesday, February 07, 2006

young scientists

The boys are taking a one afternoon/week preschool class again this spring at the Desert Botanical Gardens. Last week, Colin was very disappointed we didn't spend our usual few hours after class exploring, so I made sure to take the time this week.

The book he's carrying is "Scat & Tracks of the Desert Southwest". There are a number of tracks in the cement throughout the Garden trails, but especially in one area. He found the book at the gift shop last fall, and enjoys searching for matches.

Nate is interested in getting as close to things to study them as possible.

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Ann said...

Besides the Scat and Tracks book, Deron and I kept running into a book called "Who Pooped in the Park" while looking for books for his nieces while we were on our trip for our wedding. You might want to see if your library has that one. Thanks so much for the link to the boys' pictures.