Saturday, July 29, 2006


Today is my brother's 26th birthday (right? 26? Cuz I'm 38 and Jane is 27 so that makes you 26. If I'm wrong, I know I'll hear from you or Dad.)

I thought a trip down memory lane might be fun -- these shots are from the early 90's :) I tried to find some birthday shots, but couldn't. Although these were summer shots so they're close to your birthdays! Love you :)


pem2az said...

Very nice tribute to our boy so far away.

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes! I forgot about some of those! lol...the last one made me laugh...I remember pretending to be that guy in the pose...hahahaha. Secretly I thought he was cool looking with his cape and dapper hat. :)
Thanks Melly. Love you