Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Almost Full

The pool filled steadily all day long. We took another dip in it during the late afternoon.

As with anything new, Julianna expressed her concern about the boys being in the pool. She just got over barking like mad when they swing, but now she has a new thing to worry about.

The pool is ALMOST finished - there are a couple more finishing items that have to happen, but we are able to swim! Hopefully, the weather will cooperate.


pem2az said...

Poor Julie. Just when they think they have us safe we go and do something else to drive their poor little doggy brains crazy. What are those boys doing in that big water dish? And why is Mom letting them do it?

Looks great though, even if it only got to the high 90's.


Matthew said...

Ha ha ha! Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water...oh wait, no, it's okay,'s okay!
And of course, you already referenced my blog....ha ha and my paper white nephew! Well, maybe he'll grow some hair on his chest to protect him from the sun...wait...doesn't help me... oh, now I'm sad. :(