Monday, December 18, 2006


Some close-ups of just a few of the special ornaments on our tree.

This cute little elf was my favorite ornament from my grandparent's tree when I was growing up. He always gets a special spot on our tree now.

Every year, we put a picture ornament of each boy on the tree. I loved this picture of me & Bo, so I decided to put our picture on the tree as well last year.

We like to add ornaments to remind us of trips we've taken. We got this ornament earlier this month at DisneyLand.

Every year we've lived in Arizona, we've attended the Luminaria event at the Desert Botanical Garden. This was the special ornament designed for their 2002 event.


Anonymous said...

Where are teh house ornaments??

Anonymous said...

Yes and the "h" goes between the "t" and the "e", I hit post before I could fix it.

Melanie said...

Well, the 2nd one is the 2005 house ornament -- I just didn't explain it as such. And now you've reminded me that I need to search for a 2006 one . . . durn, I thought I was DONE shopping! LOL!