Tuesday, January 02, 2007

AZ Museum for Youth, 1-2-07

We visited the Arizona Museum for Youth today to check out their latest exhibit, "Art With Wheels." There were lots of neat things to see and do, but these pictures capture the boys' favorites.

This exhibit had a bunch of stationary motorcycles set up and a screen projecting a twisty, windy trip through the Arizona landscape (the trip to Tortilla Flats to be exact.) Colin & Nate both loved this exhibit and stayed in here quite a while. They had fun "steering" their way through all the curves in the road.

Another favorite exhibit was the race track. I think this one is pretty self-explanatory?

Both boys were fascinated by the "art cars." This car was decorated with musical instruments. They also showed a video of many different art cars -- from vans covered with pennies to a motorcycle shaped like a cow. The museum had a car parked inside that kids could decorate with a variety of magnets.

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