Monday, May 28, 2007

family visit

My mom and sister-in-law swooped in last week to help out after Lydia's birth. I was thrilled to have them here, and I know our entire family was as well. My mom prepared meals for us the entire week and made sure we were all well-fed and hydrated! In addition to food, there was lots of fun in the pool, singing, baby-holding, playing, movie watching and cleaning. I was able to rest, enjoy my meals, get my hair cut and just have a nice time with my mom & Kelly.

Colin & Nate loved having them here and showing them their swimming ability and sharing some of their favorite movies.

I am very thankful for both of them taking time out of their busy lives to come and work in Arizona :)

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Mom said...

We were glad to be there, and enjoyed our visit immensely. But it was a good thing Grandma was there to rescue Aunt Kelly from the pool mer-men! There was a real power struggle over who got to control the noodles!!