Tuesday, March 25, 2008

backyard Easter egg hunt

The Easter Bunny hid 58 eggs in our backyard this year! Every year, we leave the bag of plastic eggs on the back porch on Ash Wednesday so the EB can fill them up during Lent. Some years, there are new eggs added to the mix -- like a bunch of camouflage eggs this year! The EB filled the eggs with coins, candy and stickers.

The hardest ones to find were the ones in plain sight. I think the egg sitting on the swing was Egg #52 found! LOL! Lydia looked hard, but I don't think she found any this year. I'm sure she'll give the boys a run for their money next year!

Oh! And see Lydia's sleeper? It's Gerber and has a zip front. She really likes this style because they have no feet, and I like them because it's one piece. However, I can't find any more! I bought a pack on clearance and have been searching ever since for more. She needs 18m size in case you see them and we'll happily reimburse you. (And, no, she doesn't wear 18m yet, but these run small. She is wearing 12m in that style right now and will soon need the bigger size. She is just starting to wear 12m, but still fits in her 9m clothes just fine.)

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