Thursday, April 17, 2008

Carl Sandburg's Home

While in North Carolina, we visited Carl Sandburg's home in Hendersonville. After his death, his wife donated the land and house to the National Park Services. It sits on over 240 acres and has amazing views. There are many hiking trails available and you can visit the home for a small fee. There's no fee to visit the goat barn! Mrs. Sandburg raised goats at the farm and had many champions. For many years, she held the record for the goat that produced the most goat milk (2.5 gallons a day!)

The Sandburgs moved there from the midwest in 1945 when he was in his 60's and lived there until his death in 1967.

It was a very nice way to spend the morning. Nate especially loved the trails and both boys were very interested during the tour. Every room in the house had large bookshelves, and the overflow was down in the basement.

The National Park Service has a junior ranger program that the boys participated in during our visit. They had to complete a booklet with information they learned during the tour and their visit to the goat barn. Both boys did a great job and become "official junior rangers of Carl Sandburg's Home."

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