Monday, January 26, 2009

Colin's Before & After

See those 2 bumps on either side of his neck? They were diagnosed as branchial cleft cysts when he was born. This picture was taken last night.

Last picture with branchial cleft cysts!

The surgery was successful. Here is Colin this afternoon after an early morning surgery. The doctor was able to make a small incision on each side to remove the cysts. They were much longer than expected, and the doctor had to cut into his neck muscles to remove them completely. Colin will have small scars, which will fade with time.

When Colin met the anesthesiologist, he was asked what flavor mask he wanted. He could choose from strawberry, bubble gum, cotton candy, chocolate . . . he chose cotton candy. When the mask was put on, he could smell the cotton candy as he blew very hard at a balloon in the operating room. He says "The next thing I knew, I woke up in another room!" I liked the fact that they waited to put in the IV until after he was sleeping.


Name: Holly Bowne said...

Wow. Cotton candy masks, and balloons. I wish they had that stuff for grownups! :) I hope you boy heals quickly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin,
I hope you feel better soon. Kennedy and Klaire say, "Hi!" They can't wait to play Mario Kart again. We are very glad everything went well. We wish we had known ahead of time that you were going to have the procedure done. I tried calling your mom but for some silly reason I still have the old phone number. We'll talk soon.


pem2az said...

You did great and I am sure you will be healed and back to your busy schedule in no time. Grandma and I are thinking about you all the time.