Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baseball & Lydia

Fall Ball has begun another season. This is Colin's 5th and Nate's 4th year. They have an awesome coach this year and only a few practices in I can see major improvements in both boys' play! Colin reluctantly agreed to play this year, but is having a great time! He was also relieved that he didn't end up on a team with blue shirts again.

Miss Lydia is a very busy 2yo, so I wasn't able to get many shots of the boys on the field. I'll get more of the boys another day when Aunt Bunny or Daddy are around to run after our fearless one.

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kraig said...

You can really read in their body language how they feel about playing. Nate is ready to go. Colin looks like he would prefer the ball wasn't hit to him.
Lydia's hair is getting so long!