Thursday, December 17, 2009

Picture with Santa 2009

We took the kids to visit Santa last night at the Bass Pro Shops.  If you need a picture with Santa, and have a Bass Pro Shop near you, I HIGHLY recommend you head over there!   There was tons of fun activities for the boys to do (shooting, remote control vehicles), the wait wasn't long (they provide time cards), Santa was warm & welcoming and the photo was FREE!

When Santa asked the kids what they wanted, Lydia said a rubber duck and a pink cake.  And then she wanted to know if he had her cake with him?  Nate asked for a Nerf gun and Colin asked for a Warriors book and a Club Penguin membership.

I must not have posted our photo last year (or maybe we didn't do one?)
2007 photo
2006 photo
2005 photo

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