Sunday, April 16, 2006

first time geocaching

This afternoon we went on our first geocache hunt - or as the boys like to call it a "treasure! hunt". Bo checked out this website and located a few geocaches near our home.

We filled up the camelbaks and went out to search!

Here we are, heading off into the desert, following the GPS.

The desert was pretty green considering the lack of rainfall this spring.

An ocotillo blossom. This ocotillo was absolutely huge! It was really an amazing sight.

I spotted it under a palo verde tree! Bo got us close to the location with the coordinates, and then it was a search to find the actual cache. It was hidden under some branches and a rock.

Here the boys are checking out the contents. There were small toys, including hot wheel cars, dinosaurs and action figures. As I signed the log book, they were deciding what to trade the yellow car they brought along for.

While Nate thought he might like the dinosaur, he ultimately decided he didn't want to part with the yellow car. So, we packed the box back up and re-hid it for the next treasure hunter.

It was a fun search! We plan to hunt for more caches, and plant a few of our own!

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