Monday, April 03, 2006

the lizard investigation

A dead lizard was found in the pond. Colin decided that it was time for an investigation.

He hypothesized that maybe a bird had the lizard and dropped into the pond - or perhaps he fell into the pond and couldn't get out. He decided that if he could find bird claw marks on the lizard, then it was likely a bird.

Daddy fished the lizard out of the pond and laid it out for further investigation. Please note the investigative tools that he gathered together all on his own. Nate was a very good helper, looking up information in one of the many dinosuar books we own.

The lizard was carefully measured against a plastic coral snake and markings were compared. A magnifying glass allowed him to look closely for any marks. Copious notes were taken during the investigation with a handy purple crayon.

Even though he found a clue of a bird feather, he deduced that a bird did not have anything to do with the lizard's demise, since there were no claw marks. The lizard must have been unable to climb back out, and drowned.

I really should have videotaped the entire investigation, because he was quite adorable with the whole thing! He's been enamored with "Corwin's Quest" on Discovery TV lately.

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