Monday, May 15, 2006

birthday boy

Today was Nate's 4th birthday.

He woke up to a 8 foot teepee in the living room, and a brand new bicycle (hidden in the teepee!) He was thrilled!

This morning, we went and got free birthday donuts & filled travel mug from Krispy Kreme and we had lunch later at Jason's Deli. We also stopped at Dad's office and spent some time going over different options for the pool we might have installed soon.

Dinner later was exactly as he requested -- mashed potatoes, broccoli, corn on the stick and meat (you know, like beef - steak - on the grill like Dad makes.) Dessert was the earlier-pictured pool cake.

When asked what his favorite parts of the day were -- he replied "batman (gift from Colin), superman (gift from Aunt Bunny), damage bike (name on the bike), Aunt Bunny coming over and the pool cake. Oh, and the broccoli, too."

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