Saturday, May 06, 2006

"tanker" outfits

I really don't know what this pose was supposed to be?

When Nate sees camoflauge, he refers to it as "tanker" clothes. I think the reference comes from our first trip to CA when we stopped at Patton's museum and they were able to play around the tanks on display there. This was also around the time my brother had enlisted, and while he was at BASIC, he sent Nate a child's size desert camo outfit - which Nate refers to as his "tanker man outfit." He also has a pair of camo sweatpants and matching sweatshirt that he often wears (and gets very indignant if one is clean while the other is dirty because then he can't be a COMPLETE tanker man!)

When Nate saw these pj's at Target this week, he had to have a pair of "tanker" pjs, so he could be like Unka Matt.

Can you see his shiner in these pics? Wednesday night he decided to take a flying leap off the swing at the highest point. I watched in horror as he flew through the air and landed face first on the railroad tie at the edge of the sand. As I was carrying him into the house he kept saying "But I just wanted to fly!" THANKFULLY, he just bruised/scraped above his eyebrow and his nose. No excessive bleeding and I think the arnica kept the swelling down.

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