Saturday, June 24, 2006


I forgot to post this a couple weekends ago. Here's the new fence that cuts through our yard. The pool company wanted us to wait until after the pool was installed . . . but then also wanted me to make sure no pets or children were ever in the yard, 7 days a week, where they needed to work. For six weeks.

Umm, okay, the fence took care of any potential problems there! The area where the pool is going is still larger than many Arizona backyards.

It definitely changes the feel of the yard, but it's well worth it. We aren't required to have a fence, but we think it is the safest solution for our family. If only Maricopa County didn't take so long issuing permits we'd be swimming by the 4th of July! As it is, I think we'll be lucky to be swimming by Labor Day.

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