Tuesday, June 06, 2006

using the flagstone

A break from vacation photos!

Jesse (our landscaper), laid almost 2 tons of flagstone in our yard today. (you may remember the pallet we had delivered in March?) He filled in the center of my garden, and made a path to the patio.

He and his helper did an amazing job and it looks awesome! I really see our yard coming together this summer, and it feels great.

There is still more flagstone left from our pallet, so Jesse will come back in the next couple weeks to use it to finish off around the pond. I think that will probably empty the pallet of flagstone.

If anyone in the east valley is looking for a landscaper - I'd recommend Jesse in a heartbeat. He cares for my mom's & my lawn monthly and is able to do additional jobs like flagstone and brick laying as well. He's extremely reliable, a hard worker, and has reasonable rates.

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