Friday, August 11, 2006

another pool update

In these pictures, you can see the trench the electricians dug. Why they chose the route they did is a mystery, but at least the electric is run.

The orange flags you can faintly see around the pool will turn into trees and bushes in early September. We are getting a ficus, 2 mediterranean fan palms, 5 queen palms, 7 cape honeysuckle bushes, 3 arizona yellow bell bushes, 2 purple katy ruellias and 2 hibiscus. We're also getting 2 tangelo trees and a lemon tree to put between the playfort area and the gardens on the other side of the pool fence.

We had our first inspection today, and passed! They should be coming next week to spray the gunnite and then a couple days later they'll create the waterfall feature (note the white pipe sticking up tall, in the back? That's where the waterfall will go.)

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