Monday, August 07, 2006


Our backyard is turning into quite the recreational spot! A neighbor moved away and didn't have room for their trampoline at their new house -- so it's now in our yard. The boys are having a great time on it - but I haven't quite decided where it will end up in the yard.

-- Ok, these pictures were in a post that was supposed to publish on July 31. That night, C fell and twisted his knee. He was fine the next day (and, yes, we took him to the ER that night just to make sure because at first he felt he couldn't walk/bear weight on the leg - but by the time we got to the ER, he was walking just fine and the doctor couldn't find any damage at all -- by the time we got home, he was perfectly fine. I think he was scared/startled more than anything.) - but we're not sure if the trampoline stays or goes at this point. However, I decided the pictures were too cute not to post. We may implement a few more safety rules and put the trampoline behind the pool fence.

(edited to add) Thanks for the concerned emails I've received (Dad -- you weren't the only one to email your concerns - so I thought I'd post an addendum for any future concerned family/friends). We have 2 main rules for the trampoline: 1) Only one person jumps at a time. and 2) No jumping unless an adult is outside and watching. Yes, I realize I let them break Rule #1 to take these pictures. It was for only a brief time, and it won't happen again. Colin did not fall while jumping, but while getting off the trampoline. IF we keep the trampoline, we're going to add padding/cover over the springs and a trampoline ladder. It will also go behind the pool fence to take away any temptation of breaking rule #2.

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