Thursday, August 23, 2007


The day after my parent's 40th anniversary party, they hosted another party at their home for all the family that came to town. It was another fun time, and we're so glad they did it!

My brother, Matt, his wife, Kelly and their niece, Lydia

Lindsay, Riley, Alanna, Drew, me, Lydia, Bo, Nate & Colin
(Drew is my cousin, Lindsay his wife, and their daughters)

My cousin Allison and me

My Aunt Mary and Lydia

My great-uncle Frank, cousin Allison and her youngest, Cassidy

My dad & Colin

me, my cousin Drew and his youngest, Riley

My mom, Lydia and my sister, Jane

Nate, making sure nobody bothers him while he eats his bread and pesto.

The oldest & youngest of the family -- my great-Uncle Frank and Lydia


Kelly said...

You look so pretty! I love the highlights. Very nice!

Mom said...


What fantastic pictures!! Thanks so much for posting them! I will be sending an e-mail to the family to be sure they take a look. And family, if you enter the blog, send a comment please!!