Monday, August 27, 2007

Lydia's Baptism

Us with Lydia's godparents -- our good friends Denise (from Phoenix) and Kraig (from Milwaukee)
Sleeping peacefully after the ceremony

Lydia was baptized into the Catholic Church yesterday at our parish, St. George's in Apache Junction. It was a beautiful ceremony and we were blessed that many of our friends could join us in celebration. Lydia was an angel during the ceremony, only fussing when it was all over - and then promptly falling asleep for the next hour or so.

Many thanks to my sister who pitched in all weekend to help me get ready for this day! Thanks to Lydia's godmother who traveled across town to go shopping with me and help out, and to Lydia's godfather & wife who traveled across the country to be with us this weekend. We are truly grateful that our lives are full of wonderful friends and family!

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