Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas highlights 2007

Nate received the skateboard he's been wanting for months!

Nate, eager to get into his remote control ATV.

Lydia, opening her first gift.

Excited about something in his stocking ;)

I think Christmas stockings are one of Colin's favorite things on Christmas morning.

Lydia liked the ball she received in hers.

Colin couldn't wait to start reading this book.

You'll have to trust met that the saying on this towel is funny, and perfect for Jane, but I can't remember the phrasing.

Every year, we have crackers before dinner (not the edible kind, the kind with goodies inside) Lydia is modeling her first Christmas crown.

Every year, we also save one gift for right before dinner. This year, the boys received personalized superhero capes!

These are just a few shots of the fun we had on Christmas day, and a handful of the wonderful gifts received. We're all under the weather currently with a rotten cold, but plan to get thank you's out in the mail soon! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

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