Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lydia, the tree, and milestones

We got the tree up late last week. DH set it up late one night and decorated the living room with lights, then the kids and I decorated it the next day.

Lydia was very interested in the new plaything, and we once again have a tree that leaves the lower branches undecorated, except for a few stuffed ornaments. It also encourages her to crawl if we put her out of reach of those branches!

Another milestone she's reached is that she is consistently pulling herself up to standing whenever the opportunity is there. And, I don't know if it's a milestone or not -- but she giggles A LOT, and even has anticipatory giggles if she thinks she might get tickled. I think she may be my giggliest baby yet!

1 comment:

pem2az said...

Taking a chance with low hanging ornaments?
But the way she is going any day now she'll be walking and even the higher ones will be reachable.