Friday, August 08, 2008

Meet Beulah!

Because I apparently don't have enough to do . . . we got a new puppy last night. We'd like to introduce Beulah, an Australian cattle dog that is only about 6 weeks old. Yes, we know that is very young (too young!) to be removed from her mama, but her mama was killed by a rattlesnake so the owner needed to find her litter new homes ASAP.

When Julianna died right before Lydia's birth, I told the boys that we couldn't consider another dog until Lydia was at least a year old. I then stated that I would only bring a puppy into the house and didn't want to bring a full grown dog into the house. Lydia is 15 months old, and this puppy literally showed up on our doorstep. Now, if only I could say that we were going to win the lottery and that would come true as well. LOL!

She's a sweet thing, typical puppy excited play followed by deep sleep. She is named Beulah after Hank's girlfriend in the Hank the Cowdog series. If you have young boys and haven't read any of those books, the boys tell me to tell you that you really should!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, she's small. Very cute. Pretty soon she'll be the size of a "Real dog" and not smaller then a cat. I thought Bo wanted a Flanders?