Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lydia at 18 months

Here's our sweet princess sitting in the tree in front of our house. She is smart, independent, friendly, and full of energy.

When she gets into something she shouldn't and she's caught, she'll start blowing kisses (in hopes you don't notice she's emptying the trash can, for instance.) We recently had to put a lock on the pantry because she would pull Tupperware from the lower shelves to use as stepping stools to reach the higher shelves. She does not think the lock is a good idea at all.

We think she's a big girl, until we meet toddlers 4 or 5 months younger and they're taller than she is. She's perfectly proportioned, however -- right down to her Buddha belly.

She loves to read books, and prefers books with real photographs and/or animals. According to her, every animal growls, but we're working on teaching her a wider range of animal sounds.

She loves to go places, and when you announce you're going "bye bye truck" she is the first one at the door. When we come home with packages, she is adamant that she help by bringing bags into the house (a lesson her brothers should learn!)

She is not a picky eater. She is willing to try anything, and likes almost everything. Tonight she enjoyed a bowl of chili with a side of applesauce. She thinks everyone should share their food and drink (especially their drinks) with her.

She runs like crazy and climbs like a monkey. Overall, she's doing great.

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Name: Holly Bowne said...

What an absolute cutie! From the little post I see of your face on your Twitter page, she appears to look quite a bit like you. :)