Saturday, November 08, 2008

Colin's 8 Birthday Party

Colin had a Lego-themed birthday party this year. Unfortunately, most of the guests couldn't come at the last minute, but fun was still had by all! (I guess this is one problem with severely limiting the guest list.)

I made an orange Lego brick cake, which went over well. When I was asking Colin what color cake he wanted, Nate responded "Clear! Cuz that's the coolest brick color!" Thankfully, Colin was a bit more realistic and went for orange.

We had goody bags filled with Lego bricks chosen from the open bins at the Lego store. We were going to play games with the Legos, but the kids ended up playing Wii instead.

To see more cakes I've made: Colin's Volcano cake, Nate's pool cake, Nate's bulldozer


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Colin! I love the cake. Are the circles marshmallows?


Melanie said...

Thanks, Kraig! It's a 2 layer 13x9 cake topped with cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

The cake is fabulous! Excellent job, looks just like a giant Leggo. Happy 8th Birthday Colin,
you look great!