Tuesday, November 18, 2008

National Diabetes Awareness Month

Did you know that 95% of all diabetics in the United States have Type II (or adult-onset) Diabetes? I didn't either until I wrote this post over at Prevention -- National Diabetes Awareness Month.

It's important that we continue funding research for all types of diabetes -- so we can help Kraig's niece (recently diagnosed with Type 1) and much of my family living with Type II (and probably me before long.)

Edited to Add: The dear friend I refer to in my Prevention post is Kraig -- he wrote about his niece's diagnosis of Type I Diabetes here. I understand she's doing well, but it's always hard to be a kid and be different.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this up Mel! Hopefully you can avoid/control diabetes with diet and exercise. You are well on your way. Just drag Bo along with you!