Monday, April 02, 2007

Mother's Blessing, Part 1 of 5

My dear friend, Denise, offered to throw me a baby shower for this new babe. I asked if she would consider throwing me a mother's blessing and she eagerly accepted the challenge -- doing a ton of research and looking for unique ideas to make the day even more special.

She also graciously agreed to have the party in Mesa and transported everything necessary from her house in Phoenix. At the very last moment, she also completely changed her planned menu to fit into my recently diagnosed gestational diabetes meal plan!

She, her wonderful husband and adorable son came early to set everything up. Then her hubby took off for the afternoon with their boy.

This is Denise and me before the blessing.

A beautiful deli platter, fresh fruit, fresh veggies and fresh rolls made up our yummy lunch.

Yummy pink homemade cupcakes finished out the meal (Well, I'm taking everyone else's word on the yumminess, although I'm sure they were! Unfortunately, I couldn't indulge.)

This is the blessing table she set up for the activities during the blessing. We had a candle lighting ceremony and a planting ceremony as well as a few others during the afternoon.

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