Monday, April 02, 2007

Mother's Blessing, Part 3

And I was showered with blessings from family and friends throughout the country as well! Invitations were sent out requesting beads representing the mothers and children of those close to me and Denise was deluged with responses. I was extremely touched by the thought and care that everyone put into this effort and moved by the wonderful sentiments that came with the beads. Here you can see the end result of all those beads! Jane is going to help me finish it and we plan to use it as a suncatcher. I will save it as a wonderful keepsake for the new babe of all the love and support that I was given during my pregnancy with her.

After stringing the beads brought locally, Denise read the meanings of the beads from the out-of-towners while I continued to string the beads. It was a very powerful and supportive thing to do.

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