Monday, April 02, 2007

Mother's Blessing, Part 5

For the candle lighting ceremony, Denise filled the bottom of tealight holders with sand brought from the Pacific Ocean last time she visited. Everyone received a candle, and we went around the circle lighting them. As each candle was lit, each person shared a blessing or a poem for the new baby. Everyone took them home, and will light the candle as a prayer when the baby is born.
I wrote down some hopes and dreams I have for the baby on paper, and we buried them in pots and planted lavendar seeds. The plants will grow in support of the baby's growth.

Yarn was passed around the circle, and everyone wrapped some around their wrists. As each person wrapped the yarn, they gave a blessing or a prayer unto me, or shared a story about motherhood. After the circle was completed, the threads were cut between us all and everyone will keep the bracelet on until the baby is born. When they look at the bracelet (or anklet), they'll remember to say a prayer for my family.

The prayers and blessings that were sent from out of town were also shared at this time.

It was an unbelievable experience, and exactly what I needed as I look forward to baby girl's birth. Thanks to all who took the time to participate and join in the festivities -- even from afar. Special thanks to Denise for creating an unforgettable event. I am extremely blessed in family and friends and can't wait to introduce you all to the newest Rogers' babe.

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